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Business Disputes and Complex Commercial Litigation

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Blue LLP represents businesses and people in commercial litigation. Our lawyers’ depth of litigation experience has enabled us to solve incredibly complex problems, both effectively and efficiently. As a result, we have achieved extraordinary results across a broad range of commercial claims and industries. Our clients have included publicly traded companies, small businesses, and everyday people.

Our success is based on our approach to each and every case. We focus on fact development and legal analysis so that we can present the most compelling narrative possible. We also embrace technological innovation so that we can litigate cases not only efficiently, but most importantly, effectively.

Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, we have a proven track record of successfully representing clients in a wide range of commercial disputes, including breach of contract, intellectual property disputes, class actions, antitrust litigation, employment disputes, securities litigation, real estate disputes, construction disputes, product liability, government investigations, and regulatory compliance.

Perhaps most importantly, as a small firm, we provide highly effective representation at rates that are more affordable than the large firms that are often on the other side. Unrestrained by tradition or crippling overhead, we offer flexible billing arrangements in certain types of cases that offer predictability, mitigate risks, and further the resolution of claims in the most efficient manner possible.

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Blue LLP represents plaintiffs and defendants in antitrust cases. We have litigated antitrust claims against businesses, and we also have defended against civil claims brought by state and federal governments. Our lawyers are experienced litigators and stand ready to help our clients navigate complex issues.

Our breach of contract practice handles a wide range of contractual disputes, including those involving employment contracts, commercial contracts, construction contracts, and more. We are skilled at utilizing alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation and arbitration, to help our clients reach favorable outcomes. If litigation is necessary, we have the experience and resources to effectively represent our clients in court.

Our firm has helped plaintiffs throughout the country recover tens of millions of dollars in class action lawsuits that have included claims for securities fraud and wage and hour violations. We work with other firms and attorneys to pool resources and substantive expertise to mount effective challenges to commercial wrongs.

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